About Michele

jmtentHmmm, well – I have always been active and participated in sports — as a kid, I was called a ‘tom boy’ as I was always ‘active’, loved to play sports, get dirty and enjoyed competition. I played collegiate soccer and a complete tear of my ACL and a lateral meniscus tear sent me right into surgery and physical rehab.

At this point 2 things changed – I developed a huge love for riding a bike which made me feel like a kid again, and I changed my major to Physical Therapy, where I could help others get back to living fully!

Fast forward a couple decades and here I am!natzpodium

I am a competitive cyclist, mainly mountain and cross (that dirt thing again) and a PT helping people improve their quality of life.

Over the years as I treated people with various injuries and ailments, and as I competed more intensely, I began to realize our body not only strongly responds to what we do to it, but also what we put into it. The ‘fuel’ choices we use both daily and in competition affect us, and affect us all differently. Importantly, not everyone responds the same to the same food choices. My interest in nutrition began! And here is the next pivotal point in my healthcare career.

I have been studying via various nutrition correspondence courses through the University of San Francisco, Vanderbilt, and The CHEK Institute where I became a certified Holistic Lifestyle Coach.

At home in Boulder I love hitting the trails on the bike with my husband, John, and also running and hiking them with our dog, Chimay!